About Me

Born and raised in Antwerpen, Belgium, Ibrahim Ahmadoun has quickly become an accomplished Private Jet Sales and Charter expert. He proudly holds a bachelor's degree in Business Management. After graduating, he initiated his professional career, diving into the challenging world of offshore gas projects on the North Sea Gas Platforms. Notably, he was licensed as a Cabin Attendant at Jetair Fly and ETIHAD Airways before transitioning to his influential role in private jet sales.

His visionary thinking has been pivotal in developing and managing successful aviation ventures in his hometown and internationally. His fluency in 6 languages has undoubtedly contributed to his international success and rapport-building across borders.

Early Life and Career

Finding his passion in the aviation industry, his professional journey began as an Executive Handling Manager, running the Fixed Base Operation (FBO) of Flying Group and Aviapartner at Antwerp Airport.

Visionary Leadership in Action

Under his leadership, the FBO operations flourished, helping the company increase its footprint and profitability. His professionalism and problem-solving abilities were further evident in his role as a Club Manager for Club Industria and La Gare 27. He played a significant role in the successful launch of La Gare 27, taking it from an ambitious idea to a thriving business.

Adventures Overseas

Demonstrating bold leadership and visionary thinking, Ibrahim was the first individual at Flying Group to pioneer the venture into Dubai in 2008. With complete trust and support from his CEO, Johan Van Lokeren, he handled Private Jets at Antwerp Airport, catering to esteemed guests, including renowned VVIPs and Fortune 500 company CEOs.

Enthusiasm for Travel and Adventure

Outside of his successful career, he is an avid traveler and sports enthusiast, activities which he believes contribute to his leadership and problem-solving skills. His hobbies include sailing, basketball, and watersports, like jet skiing and speed boating. Since he was ten years old, he found joy in playing basketball. His love for the game extends to him being a dedicated youth basketball coach, further showcasing his commitment to nurturing the next generation.

Personal and Charitable Life

A real family man, Ibrahim is married with two kids and is a proud member of a vast family of Belgian-born, north Moroccan descendants. He relishes spending quality time with his family, often accompanying his children to their sports activities. His charitable side is discreet yet integral to his personality - a reflection of his deep-seated values and religious beliefs. For him, it's about giving back without recognition, underscoring his humility and commitment to making a difference.

Looking Ahead with a Vision

Presently, his gaze is set firmly on an exciting project in the Middle East, where he is anticipating taking on the role of the General Manager of a Private Jet Company. With a penchant for new challenges, his visionary thinking, professionalism, and problem-solving abilities will undoubtedly be pivotal in this venture. With details yet to be finalized, the project is another example of his continuing ambition and commitment to excellence in the aviation industry.

Ibrahim Ahmadoun is more than a private jet sales and charter expert. He's a visionary leader who seizes opportunities with tact and passion. His professional achievements and personal interests testify to his ongoing dedication to challenges, while his charitable work evidences his unwavering commitment to his community. Constantly expanding his professional and personal horizons, he continues to make a genuine impact on those around him.


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